El Kabron Workforce

EL Kabron Workforce

The El Kabron workforce in Siquijor is truly a remarkable team, with each member playing a pivotal role in delivering an exceptional experience to guests. At the forefront of the team is Vince, the main bartender, whose skill and creativity behind the bar bring the essence of El Kabron's atmosphere to life through every cocktail crafted.

Working alongside Vince is Queennie, the administration ace, whose organizational prowess ensures that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly, allowing the team to focus on delivering top-notch service without a hitch.

And let's not forget Riri, the amazing frontline receptionist, whose warm welcome and efficient assistance set the tone for guests' experiences from the moment they step through the door.

Together, Vince, Queennie, and Riri form the backbone of El Kabron Siquijor, embodying the spirit of hospitality and teamwork that makes every visit to the establishment truly unforgettable. Their dedication and passion shine through in every aspect of their work, making them an invaluable asset to the El Kabron family.

As the owner of El Kabron Siquijor, I couldn't be happier witnessing the growth of our incredible team. We're thrilled to still have Vince, our main bartender, Queennie, our all-around admin extraordinaire, and Riri, our delightful frontline ambassador who ensures guests feel welcomed and attended to. And now, I'm delighted to announce Jinky, our newest addition to the team. With each member bringing their unique talents and dedication, our team is stronger than ever, ready to deliver unforgettable experiences to our valued El Kabron supporters and friends.